Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ready Set Go!

We had a nice Easter, the weather was so perfect we were able to get Grandma up and in her wheelchair to go out and watch the Easter egg hunt. The kids had a great time running around and finding the eggs.

You just can't take a picture of these monsters without them having to make some kind of a face!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some of the greatest joys in life...blowing BUBBLES!!

These were also on that roll of film I was talking about earlier.

One Sad Cowboy!

Ok, so these pictures are about three years old but when I was cleaning my room about 3 weeks ago I came across a thing of film that I never took in to be developed. So today I took it in and this is what I found. Isn't he just the saddest little cowboy you've ever seen? I wasn't sure which way I liked the picture the best, so give me your opinion!!