Friday, May 30, 2008


Austin has yet to play in his first baseball game of the season. We have had sooo much rain over the last 2 weeks that his baseball games have been canceled twice. He gets excited that game day is here and then about 2 hours before his game they call and cancel! I do have to say that I am happy for the rain, our lawn has looked much better and our baby grass is growing very nicely! Maybe just MAYBE his game won't be canceled next week. If anyone wants to make the trip to Downey next weekend Austin has a double header! He would love to have his family see him play baseball! Let's just hope they don't get canceled!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take what you can get!

I have decided after trying and trying to get my boys to pose that sometimes its just better to take what you can get!! I took these pictures the first weekend in May when Dad was up visiting us for Grandparents day. The kids think its great to ride the tricycle across my back porch! One of these days they are going to get going to fast and not be able to stop and they are going to go right over the edge!! Mom will be laughing and they will be crying! Then I will kiss them better and tell them not to do it anymore. Do you think they will listen?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok so the boys are a little upset with me and think that I love Sam the most and that all I do is post her pictures! Now to set the record straight, they don't let me take their picture near as much as she does. So to try and be a better mom I will try to sneak some pictures of them tomorrow and get them posted!! But here's just a little update on them:

Austin is very busy with baseball practice, his first game is next week. He is soo excited to be one of the pitchers!! He is ready for summer to say the least, he reminds me every morning how many days are left, 5,4,3,2,1. He also just started reading the Harry Potter books and really seems to be getting into them. I didn't think I would ever make a reader out of him!

Jeffery on the other hand doesn't get to play baseball because there wasn't enough interest with the boys his age, which I don't understand, I thought all boys loved to play sports!! So I'm looking for suggestions for something special just for him!! Jeff loves school and gets straight "A's"! But he is also ready for summer. I'm hoping that the high school will have a golf class this summer for him, he wanted to last year but it got canceled!! Golf just might be his thing! Although Jeff is a fast runner. Next time you see him ask him for a race!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, so I've had a slight issue with gaining weight lately! It seems like the pounds just keep packing themselves on!! Soo I think it's time to get serious (that means I have to stop eating M&M's at work)! So the big question is how to start? Diet programs are yucky, slim fast is only good half frozen, starving is not an option and pills are expensive! Some people say that putting an item of clothing that you REALLY want to wear but can't fit in to on your wall or in plain sight really helps, but does it really? I know that exercise is a must but lately I just haven't had the "get up and go" I need. Any and ALL suggestions, recipes and ideas are GREATLY needed! Not to mention all kinds of encouragement! I need to know what works! Not to mention by the way that summer is just around the corner and I am no where near ready for a swimming suit, which Samantha thinks is our summer attire especially since we like soooo close to 2 outdoor pools! Doesn't that remind you of a song....Its bitsy tiny.........If you don't know the rest of that song I'm extremely disappointed!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Not FAIR!

Have you ever had one of your children say to you it's not fair?
Well this was one of those moments!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lil' Cowgirl

Both Grandpa's have successfull spoiled
one little girl!!