Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Cold and the Water!

It may be COLD but when there is WATER.......

How can you NOT go down the BIG WET Slide?
I convinced my friends Mindy and BreAnna to
go down the slide during the kids water day.
IT was a BLAST. And as you can see I was drenched
thanks to my husband and one of the guys on the
fire department! Yes he SPRAYED me
Good with that hose of his!
Todd tackled me and Mindy and threw us
back into the water! As you can see he did
get a little wet! HE better watch out! Next time
it will be him in the water!!!

Jeff and the Hog Wash

Just to explain what is going on here....
The fire department in Downey does
the Hog Wash at the fair. 6 kids are
chosen to do it and there are six pigs.
They soak you and the pigs with the
foam from the fire truck and then you have
to try and catch a pig and put it
in the blue can butt first. The first one
to do it wins.

Jeff and the Hog Wash

Jeff got his name called to do the
Hog Wash at the fair. He tried so
hard but got beat. There's always
next year!!!

Fair week in Downey

O boy where to start......So as Todd so nicely sent this to
almost everyone in his phone book
here you go! Yep thats me! Laughing
my head off and trying NOT to pee my pants!
And yes I went to the bathroom just before
my ride! Todd will tell you I only lasted 7.9 sec.
But that was only because I called it quits!

Just so that I wouldn't have to do this alone
My friend BreAnna so GRACIOUSLY said yes
she would if i would!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok YELL @ me!

So I have not been very good this summer @ updating my blog! We have been REALLY busy!
Holy Cow! We have been camping camping and more camping!! Between sports and camping and the county fair our summer has been quite crazy! So I promise that after this weekend when the fair is over and I have 5 minutes to update and load pics, I will! O and let me just say that Football starts next week! So much for a relaxing break! Football here we come!!