Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My first born, My Rock, My baby, My handfull!

You know those days, weeks or months and possibly
even years when you get so busy with kids, work, church,
sports, sports, sports, and maybe even more sports?
This has been the way of life for us lately.
I feel like I have forgotten to slow down and remember
the small things that my kids do, usually without me
noticing especially when Im the one taking everyones
pictures....at ALL sporting events.  Did I mention ALL
sporting events.

During the Championship district game on monday
I snapped this little photo...not with my big camera but my
cell phone.  Austin and Zaners have a love hate relationship!
Zaners annoys the crap out of Austin and 
Zaners LOVES Austin!
Austin hit the ball and was on second base....and then you all 
you hear is Zaners yelling "Austin, Austin, all you have
to do is hit the ball!!"
Im not sure who's teaching who here...but these two boys of mine
(Freefree will get his moment) are my life savers!
Who knew at that moment all I needed was a picture of
my oldest and my baby having a "moment'!

They are my life!!