Saturday, January 31, 2009

This weeks project!

It was time to dust off the sewing maching
and make something fun.
So I bought this fun fabric and made some way cute headbands!
Sam Loves them because they don't hurt her head AND they stay
in her hair. Im sure you mom's hear it from your girls,
"The little claws on the headbands hurt my head" or
"It's tooo tight it squishes my head!"
Yep, thats what I got ALL of the time! So I made these!
I even wore mine to work and you wouldn't believe the number
of people who loved them. I even sold 3!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proud to call you Sister!

This is my sister-in-law Janet! Isn't she pretty!
I just want her to know that I love having her as a sister and a friend! If you ever want to be told something you just ask her and believe me show won't lie to ya!

I love that she comes to my house just to hang out.
Ok so maybe she actually comes to get me to make cookies for her husband! But that's ok!

For the last couple of years she and I have
gotten up during the way early hours (not gonna tell you how early) on Black Friday to go shopping! Yes we are crazy, but atleast we are CRAZY together!

It is soo nice to have someone who you can laugh with
and cry with!

Janet and I became good friends right from the
beginning and I am proud to call her my sister!

I love you Janet!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(Picture me jumping up and Down)

(P.S I am feeling much better!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It all started out with a simple little cold.
I got all stuffed up, started sneezing and then what do you know
I'm freezing and then I'm hot!
O no I didn't, ok so maybe I did! (Throw up)!
Don't feel good so ya stay home from work!
Ok so I finally give and run over to the clinic.
Now you know what Im going to say next.
"Its just a little virus that ACTS like the FLU!!"
That's what they tell me!
"There's nothing we can give you!
Just keep doing what your doing and it will last about a week!"
I know we all give in and pay the $20.00 co-pay
just for them to tell you
So I think I'm just about to be on the mend
but guess what decides to show up!!
You got it! A little case of CONJUNCTIVITIS!!
HOW did THAT Happen!
I am a faithful hand washer, my kids don't have it!
O they forget to tell you that all that congestion in
your SINUSES can cause it!!!
But first I quiz my kids,
Have you been washing your hands at school?
Do any of your friends have "pink eye"?
So then its a quick apology to my kids!
I'm SORRY! PLEASE forgive me!
This is a fun little web page about Puffs Tissues!
My best friend for the last 7 days!