Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite time of night is at about 9:45.
Zane has had his last bottle for the night and 
he loves to cuddle!  He is so peaceful and he will just
lay there in my arms and fall asleep!
He was such a daddy's boy there for about the
first 2 1/2 months.  Daddy was the
only one who could get him to sleep before
1 in the morning.  Slowly and surely we have made it 
to sometime between 9:45 and 10:30!
Austin, Jeff and Sam are such good 
helpers!  All Zane has to do is make a noise and he 
has gotten someones attention!  He is 
the happiest little man, he even wakes up happy!
A year ago I was angry about being prego and I knew
there was no reason for us to be having a baby but now 
I sit here and wonder what in the world would we do
without him!  His little laugh brings so much 
joy to our home!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow a lot has happend in our Family this year!
From finding out our little family was going to grow
to sending Grandpa half way around the world!
Our lives are EXTREMELY busy!
lets start with Austin
Austin has had a very busy year with sports.  
He played on an All Star Basketball team that
played in several 6 to 8 week long tournaments!
He has become quite the basketball player.  He went from
basketball to baseball where he has been the pitcher
for the last couple of years. From that he went to football.
This seems to be a year of growth for him not only has 
he become more aggressive in his sports he has probably
grown 6 inches!  He is going to be taller than me by summer 
I am sure of it!

Now Jeff
Jeff is a natural athlete and had an incredible year
in both baseball and football.  In baseball he hit
9 home runs and if I remember right he hit 3 in one game.
Moving on to football....he played just about every position you
could think of.  He made the most touchdowns 
and had the most tackles!  Jeff says to tell you that
he is just plain AWESOME! He also has had a growth spurt
but Im happy to report I will still be taller than him 
for at least a little longer! :)

Wow...She has been a straight A student and loves
school!  She is becoming quite the violin player. 
recitals still make her nervous but thats ok.
She got to play baseball and soccer!  Im afraid
Im going to have to teach her how to NOT run like 
a girl.  I don't know how that happened!
She has been a great helper with her
little brother even tho she wanted a sister!
She changes diapers and feeds him!  She is 
going to make  a great babysitter! As far as growing
welllll I think she might be more like Grandma Curtis!

And last but not least Zane!
Im sure you can only imagine our shock 
when the nurse said "he has all the right parts for a BOY!"
This little guys is going to be full of surprises!
From surprising us that he was coming to 
surprising us at delivery!  He is going to 
keep us on our toes!  He is the happiest little guy!

I guess I should tell you about Todd and I too.
Todd has taken on a new role as "coach",
He coached the boys baseball team, Jeff's football team
and now he is coaching Jeff's basketball team! 
We have been lucky with this economy for him to 
be working for the State of Idaho Electrical Bureau and 
he still teaches school at ISU's  technology department part time.
As for me well Im busier than ever running kidlets from 
practices to games.  I still work at ISU Credit Union as
 the Senior Teller, we are like family there.  I am hoping to 
take a photography class this year!  We have been married
 for 14 years this month! WOW how time flies when your
having fun!

We hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
And maybe just maybe we can all keep at least
one of our New Year's Resolutions!
(mine is to lose this baby fat!)

Merry Christmas