Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School and Life with us.

Ok...So I officially feel like the worst mom!
I didn't get pics of my kids on their first day of school!
Not because I didn't want to but to be completely honest
I had absolutely no energy to do it! By the time I got myself
ready for work and got Sam's hair done Austin had to walk out
the door to catch the bus for his first day of Middle School. Yes my
oldest is growing up so quick. He didn't even hesitate to walk out
the door. He came in my bathroom while I was getting ready and
did his hair and kissed me goodbye! Off he went! From the sounds
of it he had a very successfull day! He didn't even have any problems
with his locker! He also loves having more that one teacher!
Im sure that If I were to ask him what his
favorite class is he will tell me it's P.E.
Jeff is starting 5th this year and will spend half of the day
in the 6th grade class and then the rest of the day in 5th.
I wasn't sure how I would feel about this but to be honest
Jeff needs a little push. School has always come so easy for
him. He needs something to really make him think and work.
The only thing I don't think he likes is having to ride his bike
to school with his sister!
Samantha is now in the 3rd grade! It wouldn't matter what grade
she is in she just loves school. She loves to see her friends
and she loves her teachers! So far school work has come very
easy to her too! She is growing up so fast!
I noticed that her school supply list didn't mention crayons
so I thought maybe I should send them anyway just incase that
was an error! She came home from school with her pencil box
and the crayons and proceeded to inform me that
her teacher says that crayons are for the "little kids" and that
they are no longer the "little kids" so
they will be using colored pencils!
I must be one of the "little kids" cause I still
love to use crayons!
Life around our house has always been very
busy between going from one sport to the next and
adding animals and moving pipe
and now back to school and Football. I work part time
at ISU Credit Union and I have coached
volleyball for 6 years but have decided to give up
coaching do to my current condition!
Todd works full time and teaches school
at ISU two nights a week and he is the assistant coach
for Jeff's football team. For these first
2 months of school we don't eat dinner
before 8 and and we are lucky to
have homework done and have everyone
tucked into bed by 10:00!
Having said all that our newest addition is
coming and will add to our very busy lives! I know
it will be a BIG adjustment for all of us but
I know that she will bring lots of laughter and
giggles to our home!
(It's a good thing she will be to little to run around
while we get thru football and basketball!)
I am looking forward to 6 weeks of maternity leave
But I am soo greatful that we will have
Grandma Wilding to take over when I go back to work!