Monday, October 27, 2008

Families Are Forever!

Ok so when you can't afford to go have your family picture taken and your brother the photographer lives in another state and who knows when he'll have time to take your picture, you just have to improvise! This was my attempt at taking my family picture! Thank heavens for a tripod and a sister-in-law to push the button! Not perfect but hey I think it was a good attempt!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer Time!

Ok so Im a little late at posting these pictures!
Jeffery chose to play soccer this year and boy was he excited! He asked for soccer stuff for his birthday so that he would be totally prepared! He only got to play in three games this season because we were in Disneyland for 2 of the 5 games! Actually make that 4 games because of tournaments! Jeff is a great little soccer player, he runs really fast and loves to kick things so this just happens to be a great sport for him! He is very excited to play again next year!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The tooth fairy made a visit to our house on Sunday night!
Samantha lost her very first tooth!
I would love to tell you that she was excited, calm, and happy!
But I would be lying to you!
Todd and I left for a few minutes to do some
of my visiting teaching,
little did we know that tragedy would strike!
Samantha was watching TV on my bed and came
running out to the boys just a crying!
She had blood on her hand and a small little tooth! She was
crying sooo hard that she made her self sick!
Austin being a great big brother rushed her over to
the toilet and called Grandma Wilding,
luckily it wasn't 911! This is what he said..
"Grandma you better come over right now!"
So Grandma, who heard nothing but a
very upset little girl on the other end of the line,
drops everything and rushes over!
Now you know how us moms and grandmas are.... we are expecting blood and tears
and broken bones or cut open heads! You know what I mean.
Grandma walks in the door only to find out that the bawling was
over a lost tooth! A tooth that didn't even hurt coming out!
It simply just fell out!
Now her come Todd and I! We pull into the drive wondering why
his mom is at our house!
Now I know you know what I was thinking!
All of this over one little tooth that the little PRINCESS has lost!
on your first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Having computer be continued!

Samantha and Minnie

Too Cute for words!


Can we leave them here for the rest of the trip? :)

I better put my kids on a workout program!

Tea Cups

We went on the tea cups @ night and
couldn't get a good picture so
Samantha and I sat here for a picture!
(The boys refused to go again!)

You May Get Wet!

Grandpa got the luxury of sitting in the front
of our boat at Splash Mountain!
Lucky Grandpa!!
(oops...did you get wet grandpa?)

Captain Jack Sparrow

When we go to Disneyland first thing on monday morning we say Jack Sparrow
over on the island so of course we had to rush right over to see if we could
get a picture with him! He came over to us and patted Jeff on the head
and said to stay right were he was! So we thought ok he'll be back in a
minute and he will let us take his pic with the kids! Boy were we wrong!
He came over and took Jeff up the stairs and proceed to swear him in as
a pirate and then Jeff got to help him raise the pirates flag!
He was sooo excited!