Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know most of us have gone through life
thinking everything is under control and that life
is good. Then all of the sudden there are these little hiccups.
I say little hiccups but sometimes there are BIG
hiccups too. Well for the last 2 years we've had
several hiccups in our family, some good and some sad!
My biggest hiccup was my mom dying.
We as girls tell our moms everything...the good, the bad,
the happy, and the sad. That's what mom's are for!
Then they tell us that its all going to work
out. She'll love you and make it all better.
Well we've had several small hiccups since then.
Todd's dad has had ups and downs, kids get
hurt or are sicker than normal etc.
Well about 3 months ago we had another
big hiccup...We are going to have a baby.
Now I know what you are all thinking....How old is Samantha?
Well she's going to be 8 in April. This has been
extremely hard for me and this is why
nobody is finding out until now. I have had
a hard time telling anyone because like I said
earlier we girls tell our moms everything,
and she wasn't here for me to tell. I know that
my mom has been in Heaven holding this child
and preparing him or her to come here. I also
know that she has been helping me deal with this
in her own little way. Jeffery came up to me
about a month ago after we had told the kids
and he gave me a big hug and said
"Mom I love you" and I said "I love you too Jeff"
he then said "and I will love the baby too and
you will love the baby too!" I said "yes Jeff I will
love the baby too." So I asked him what if its a girl..
He said "I will love her....but only til she grows up"!

So I guess I get to put everyone under the same
pact that my family has been under for the last
month and a half! We aren't telling anyone about this! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sympathy?? Hmmmm I don't know!

Todd participated in the Marsh Valley Alumni
Basketball Tournament this last weekend!
Friday night went pretty good. They played short
games to decide who would go where in each
bracket! Saturday on the other hand
is a totally different story!
First game of the morning Todd
took and elbow to his right eye.
He also rolled his ankle in that same game.
They played 5 40 min games that day and
at some point he rolled his ankle again!
(you would think he'd learn)
I didn't realize that men his "age"
could be so physical! Lets just
say that by the end of the night he
could barely run up and down the court!
3 bags of Ice later and some reduced swelling
he has a black eye and and a black and blue ankle!
So....Should I have sympathy for him
or should we just say
"Ya did it to yourself"?
Oh....they did take 3rd out of 10 teams!
Way to go!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Deal and a Great Story!

I love it when there are great deals out
there on things that you actually use!
Smiths had this great deal on Powerade!
Having two boys who play sports almost
year round we go through this stuff like crazy!
8 cases for $31.80
can you say .25 per bottle!!
We definitely stocked up!
(8 more cases hiding)

Now for a GREAT STORY!
While we were at Smiths getting our
great deal on Powerade,
Jeff wanted to buy some gum.
Being the thoughtful boy that he is
he also bought a package for Austin and
a package for Sam. When we got home
(and remember we live 40 min from the store)
Jeff was emptying out his pockets and
counting his change when he got to thinking
that the cashier must have given him
a dollar too much. So he got out a piece of
paper and added it all up and showed me
that sure enough she had! He was so worried
about what to do so we called the store and
explained what happened and I told them where
we live and that I could bring the dollar back
tomorrow. The young man who answered the
phone said thank you for letting them know and
that Jeff could keep the dollar and that they
appreciate his honesty!

Its moments like this that make me stop
and think....Man we must be doing something
right with our kids! I am so proud of him for wanting
do to the right thing and make it right with the store!
We love you Jeff!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enough Said

For those of you who have seen my
boys lately and have harassed me about
their LONG hair.....Enough Said!
PS. I probably took 3 inches off!