Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So much for a clean truck!

So my husband has decided that we are taking
out our propane stove out and putting
in a wood burning one. This means
that we have to get wood for the winter.
My friend Mindy also has a wood burning stove
and she also needs LOTS of wood too.
So my husband and the 4 boys made a
trip up the canyon to get wood. Did I also mention
that the boys just WASHED the truck??
This is the 2nd load that Todd and my boys
have gotten this week and he plans on taking
ALL the boys tomorrow to get 2 more loads!
(Austin is not pictured because after they got back
he had to go to a scout mtg but he did go with them!)

They worked so hard today!
Way to go Boys!
I think I will have to reward them with
a day of swimming!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Car Wash

Being the mean mother that I am
I made my boys wash the durango on
monday after I got home from work!
I was in charge of the hose and I told them
that if they missed a spot I would spray them!
They must have done a pretty good job
because they didn't get wet enough!
NEXT time they will GET WET!

Jeff and the Zip Line

We went up to our Bishops farm
on Sunday for a cook out and the
neighbor has a zip line at his cabin.
There is nothing better than
Yummy food and some fun!
The boys were in heaven!
Im just waiting for them to ask us to
to put one in at our house.

Sam and the Zipline

Sam was only brave enough to start
at about 1/2 way. Thanks to Natalie
who would lift her up and pull her back
and then give a BIG push!
Im sure the next time we go
Sam will wanna start at the top!

Zipline Race

Paige and Sam would race the boys to the bottom!
(Natalie is the Bishops Daughter and Paige is Natalies Daughter)

Austin and the Zip Line

Good thing they have been
moving pipe this summer so
they've got some good muscles for this.
They did this about 20 times!
My arms would be killing me by now
but I finally had to tell them it was time
to go!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scout Camp 2010

What a good lookin' group of boys!
They had a great time at camp and they
all made it home safe and sound.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little braids and alot of patience!

I decided to put Sam's hair in braids tonight
and usually that means just two braids. But
I figured she would be riding the wheeler to
grandma's house a lot this week to help feed
and her hair always ends up in snarls which
leads to lots of crying when brushed!!! So
I decided to try doing lots of little braids!
(I know what your thinking...
how often do I wash her hair? well
every other night unless she gets reallly dirty
or plays in the sprinklers)
Not bad for my first attempt. They aren't in
straight rows by any means but hey it will
do the job!
(yet again...cell pics...not the best)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ok I know I said we had a "relaxing" weekend
but when you have 3 horses, 3 cows and 2 sheep
you gotta feed em somehow right?
So Todd cut hay on Wednesday night and
Saturday morning he and the boys baled it and then
they hauled it. Sam got to drive the wheeler
around the field for them to pick up the bales!
Im not sure how much help the boys really were
as you can see in some of these pics they still had a
hard time bucking them up in the trailer! But they did try!!
Sam was so excited to just to be driving the wheeler!
I think we ended up with over a hundred bales.
Hopefully we will get a second crop! I little rain would
probably help even if I don't like the rain!
Our 4th of July weekend started out with
jug of homemade rootbeer!! YUM!
The kids love it when it gets to the end and the
dry ice is pretty much just slush!
We had a very relaxing weekend, it was nice to not
have to hurry somewhere! We had a really yummy
Dutch oven dinner (that Todd cooked) on Sunday
with todd's mom's cousin who has moved to idaho
and bought a dairy! (thats where we got our calves)
We did some fireworks and froze! Its amazing that
its the 4th of July and we had to have warm jackets
and blankets around us to watch fireworks!
(sorry for the lack of pictures but to be completely
honest with you I was just to lazy to take them!)
(And by the time I really thought about was too dark!)