Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bear Lake!

We decided to make a quick trip to Bear Lake
to hang with Uncle Warren and his kids on the
4th of July!
We had a blast! Thanks Everyone for letting us
hang with ya for the day!!
Enjoy the pics!

Em and Jeff Decker
There seems to be pattern with only the
MEN getting dumped!
Jordan and Lacey Curtis
Jordan didn't get dumped but
he did have a seat change!

Uncle Warren just Chillin'
there's nothing like a ton of sand to keep
the kids busy!

Samantha just Chillin' on the boat

Jeff, Todd and Austin
the rides just getting a little exciting for the boys

Uncle Warren warned Jordan to take it easy
on us! Sam wasn't sure at first but in the end
she loved it!
Jeff, Gage and Austin

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Us! :)

Ok so Dad need some pics of us and so I marched
Todd right outside and said smile or else!!
Ok not quite like that but you'd think
that for adults this would be an
easy task!! Yeah not so easy!
It's pretty sad when you can't just
smile and be happy with what you see!!
20 more lbs!!!