Monday, June 28, 2010

O dear.

So we have been talking about baby names for a couple of months now and Jeff just cannot come to terms with the name Mackenzie or Mckenzie. You know how when you are in school with someone or you've worked with someone or you went to church with someone or you lived in the same neighborhood with someone who just irritates you or is mean or just plain annoying and you hear that persons name and you just don't like that name anymore?? Well apparently sometime somewhere in our little town of 600 people, someone with the name Mckenzie (however you want to spell it) has ANNOYED my Jeff!!! So we asked him what name he likes.....His response.....ANYTHING BUT MCKENZIE. At first I was just kept saying "oh you'll get used to it and it won't really matter anymore". But the more I think back (way back) to when I was in school and the girls and boys who were mean or annoying to me and I STILL can't stand their names. I know Im an adult now and I should get over it. But I do know how Jeff feels.. so we are on the name hunt again. Im not saying Mckenzie is out yet but hey who says we can't change our minds?!

Having said ALL that the name Peyton had entered our minds. So far there hasn't been any disagreement from any of our kids (whew)! And luckily there isn't anyone in Downey or on either side of our families with that name...Please correct me if i'm wrong but I don't recall any cousins naming their girls that!!!

Opinions please! Name suggestions...are always welcome!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Preston Baseball Champions 2010!

The boys did AWESOME today!!
Austin did some great pitching!
Jeff had a homerun!
And we had a boy who hadn't hit ALL
season who hit a double today!!
They only lost one game this season
and it was to the team we beat today!

This is such a great group of boys!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Newest Addition to our Growing Family

We have now added 3 calves to our family of
3 horses, 2 sheep, 3 dogs, and several cats!
Someday I will get my chickens!!!
I mean really....a farm isn't complete
with out chickens....right??

(p.s. these pics were taken with my cell...not the greatest)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The boys had a double header today
and it was FREEZING!!
Despite the weather they won
their first game 5-1. The second
game was just for fun!
Austin Pitched 4 innings and did Awesome.
As you can see in the first couple of pics
the play was at home and Jeff slid in to make
the score! They played AWESOME!!
Im so proud of them!
And if you look really close you can
see that Austin is hitting left handed!
He is right handed but he's been working
really hard at being able to hit
either way! He actually hits better
left handed! Jeff has been playing 1st base
and catcher! He loves to be catcher and he
hardly ever lets a ball get past him!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My pipe movers

The boys took on a job this summer
moving pipe for our friend Dennis.
I think that this is the second day and so
far not toooo much complaining! I gotta tell ya
though this is not easy work and they seem to
be doing pretty good! Todd is helping them since
this is their first time and I'm not sure who comes
home dirtier him or the boys!!
Thank heavens for grandma's washer and clothes line!!
They have BIG plans for the $$$ they earn!
(Little do they know they have savings accounts
that can't wait to see deposits!)
Between baseball, sheep, moving pipe and 4-H,
oh and Todd cutting hay at nights our
Summer is jam packed! We will be lucky to
ever make it out of Downey for anything!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bah Bah

The boys got their 4-H sheep yesterday!
They had weigh in at the fair grounds and
Austins weighed 80 lbs and Jeffs was 87!
That was definitely the craziest thing I've seen!
This will be an interesting adventure for us!
The first bath will be a sight!!
More to come!