Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things that make my Heart happy....

Things that make my Heart happy....

"Im BIG mom and you are little" says Zaners
Stee bing - Jeffery (Bee sting)
When Samantha Plays her violin
Watching Austin play basketball
 When My Man tells me he LOVES me.
Minions are Potatoes.....according to Zaners
Koosh Ball Wars
BIG hugs from my kids
Date Night
When my kids do their chores without being asked
When my children smile =)
Watching my kids interact with their friends
Zanes Laugh
Sam has sooo much of my mom in her!
Sam's BIG heart.....she will be your friend no matter what...
Austin and Jeff wrestling on my living room floor
Costa Vida sweet pork salad
Watching FreeFree play football
Todds Facial hair
when Zaners snuggles up on Todds lap...even if its just to play his ipad
Txting my kids to remind them how much they LOVE me!
Sounds silly...but Selfies with my kids!  Austin LOVES it...haha
Watching Zaners play with his trains...its INTENSE!
Kissing new babies
when Todd leaves his shirts untucked.....silly i know.
Girls Night with my girlfriends
My 30 min "Sam" time taking Sam to school.
Taking pics of my kids....especially silly pics
The sounds of rain
Flip Flops
Zaners little toes
The fact that Austin and Jeffery are ECSTATIC that they are TALLER than me!
Roastin Hot Dogs with the FAM
LOUD music in my car
Sitting on the Beach watching my kids laugh and play in the water
When my kids hug me for no reason at all.
Watching Austin Pitch
Jumping on the tramp with my kids....even if it makes me have to pee.

To be Continued..............................

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LOVE!!! What a great idea!!